will the whale

One very special day, a man
& a woman set out to sail
around the world in search
of an adventure.

On that same special
day, a baby whale was
born named Will.

Why was Will special?
Well, he loved to sing &
Will had many sea friends
that loved to sing as well.

One day Will visited with his
friend Sassy Sea Lion. She loved
to sing really loud & he wanted
to sing with her.

sassy sealion singing

But when Will started to sing
with Sassy Sea Lion she said,
"No! You can't sing, you're a whale!"

sassy sealion saying no!

Determined to sing, Will went
to his friend Savvy Seagull and
began to sing with him.

savvy seagull singing

When Will started to sing
with Savvy Seagull he said,
"No! You can't sing, you're
a whale!"

savvy seagull saying no!
Mr. Crabby Crab singing

Will then went to his
friend Mr. Crabby Crab.

Mr. Crabby Crab singing

Well Mr. Crabby Crab was very
crabby that day & when Will started
to sing he said, "No! You can't sing,
you're a whale!"

mom and baby will whale talking

Will swam to his mom
and told her about his day
with his friends. His mom
said to follow his heart
and keep singing.

will looking up to see a boat

A couple of days later,
Will looked up to the sky
and saw a very curious sight.

When Will surfaced, he saw
a man and a woman singing
and he joined in. He came
back everyday for a week.

The man & woman were
so excited, that they told the world about this very
special whale.


The next day, people from all around the world came to hear Will sing and all his dreams had come true!

The End!

Why this Project is Important

This project is dedicated to giving every child equal access to reading. This is my way of giving back to my community and helping those in need. This book took many hours of preparation and coding. I painted, designed, and wrote this book to help others. Please share this book so we can all help those in need, as well as bring more awareness to our oceans.



Fun Whale Facts

This book includes humpback whales, sea lions, sea gulls & crabs. The ocean is a very diverse place.

Did you know that humpback whales are known for their magical songs? More Info

Humpbacks are an endangered species and are the size of a school bus weighing over 40 tons (an elephant weighs about 8 tons).


Check out Whale Trust for even more fun whale facts!